Scandinavian Masters 2024

Male 20

HU20 - 16 hold, Dalumhallerne

Der deles op i 4 puljer, hvor alle spiller mod alle. 

Derefter placeringsspil mellem de 2 øverste fra hver pulje og tilsvarende for de 2 nederste fra hver pulje. De 2 placeringsspil spilles med kvartfinaler, semifinaler og finaler, hvor både tabere går videre i placeringsspil.

Male 20 - 16 teams, Dalumhallerne

Divided into 4 pools – A, B, C and D. 

After this preliminary pool-games the two best rankings from A, B, C and D will play cross-pool quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Loosers from these games meet to form the final rankings.

Similarly the two lowest rankings from A, B, C and D will play cross-pool B quarterfinals etc. to form the final ranking from rank 9 till 16..

Time Match no. Field Home Away Result Set Score Official
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              Male 20